Chapter 6; It’s all about that bass

Last time we got to watch Russet turn into a child. There was trash and dirt.. a lot of trash and dirt. Rosie got knocked up again – poor child – and there was more trash and dirt.

Trigger warning; this chapter has some language and mild reference to sex. Consider yourself warned.

Speaking of trash.. thanks for kicking off this chapter by being a brat and creating more trash.

Russet; No problem

Jack continues to be infatuated with Rosie

Rosie; Well, durr.. why wouldn’t he be? Just don’t touch the food

Truth right there. Messing with a pregnant woman’s food might cause her to bite your face off. Then again, all she seem to do is eating and getting big as a house.

Rosie; What the hell? I’m not

But truthfully? She is.

So I make her work out

Rosie; I despise you

Dino; ehh ehhh.. keep eatin’ and she’ll be big as me

Rosie; Nobody asked you – and why is the dino talking?!

I dunno..? Must be in your head. Then again, so am I

And when she’s not eating, she’s sleeping. Productive

And so is Jack. Instead of working on the computer – really, Jack? – he seem to be sitting around reading. The same book. Over and over.

I send Rosie to talk to Russet because.. well because. A boy needs his mother.

Rosie; So whatcha’ doing?

Russet; Homework. Want to know what we’re learning about?

Rosie; Well, it should be about an awesome person; me.

Russet; Uh.. it’s history

Rosie; I could tell you a fascinating story about an old, crazy witch and a cemetary an-

No. Just no. We don’t need your kid to think that you’re insane and neglectful.

Russet; I don’t want to hear the story anyway

Rosie; Why not? What the hell.. I finally talk to you, kid, and you’re being a brat

Russet; Because you SUCK

Okay.. moving this show along because nobody wants to see more about that

Shortly thereafter..

Nice, Rosie. Wanting to go clubbing while pregnant. Perhaps the truth hurts?

But we didn’t go drinking, instead we did something almost as fun.


Rosie; Must you post all these god awful pictures?

Uh, yes. This is an ISBI and people are expecting great failure success

Rosie; People suck!

Tsk, move this birth along, will you?

Which she did and social services are doing their magic trick by summoning this. Thank God because we can’t afford anything. Let alone another mouth to feed.

Meaning; Rosie’s a slacker for not working on promotions and Jack? Well I’ve lost all hope with that one

Yay – baby’s here! Jack didn’t even notice, pfft.

Anyway – meet baby Fallon; our sweet darling girl ❤

Rosie; No more brats. Jack better take care of this one

You make it sound as if you actually did take care of Russet

Rosie; The kid’s alive, isn’t he?

But that’s okay because I’m officially in love. Look how cute!

Russet; Why didn’t anyone tell me I have a sister?

… because your mom’s kinda suckish like that.

Something we already established

Russet; Well, I’ll take care of you baby sis.

Awww, at least you’re not quite the monster I was scared you’d be.

Rosie went outside to pay the bills.. because electricity is kinda nice to have and wtf?? I don’t even understand? Why is there another Rosie?

Rosie; Oh hell no. There’s only ONE Rosie in town and that’s not this hussy

Well.. she’s hardly a hussy, she’s err.. a copy of you?

Rosie II; Get lost – There can be only one (get the movie reference and I love you :)))

Ladies, ladies, let’s be civilized

Of course there’s no such thing with Rosie.. or Rosie II for that matter. Imagine… TWIN Rosies in the house. That’s a scary picture right there.

Rosie; You’re asking for it, here comes the smackdown

Rosie II; you and what army, thunder thighs!

Oh no you didn’t

Depressed lady; Street fights are unimpressive and below me

Although there must be something barbaric and fascinating about it because she ends up stopping to watch the whole ordeal

Rosie; And stay off my lawn you hear me!!

Well, there’s no lawn..

Although it wasn’t until I saw them side to side that I noticed how much weight she’s put on.. like seriously! I thought it was due to being pregnant but looking back I see that she’s gradually put on more and more weight. So working out it is!

Rosie; Another reason to hate kids

Like you need another reason -.-

Let’s work out some of that aggression elsewhere

Rosie; this makes me look like a sex beast, eh?

Err.. no comment?

Creeper guy; with that booty you must be like a banshee in bed

Seriously, no one wants to hear that -.-

Rosie; It’s all about that bass (+1 for references xD)

Meanwhile Jack has at home figured out that his daughters born.

Jack; I think she peed on me

Well, Jack, this is an ISBI. People pee themselves and the house is never clean. It comes with the territory.

Jack to the rescue. At least he’s taking care of the baby since Rosie seem to 100% neglect little Fallon

Russet spends a lot of time in the bedroom too where he can be close to her. It makes for a happy legacy mom :]

Rosie; .. so anyway, I kicked the tramp’s ass. You’d be proud

That or the thought of two Rosie’s lead him to drinking. Can’t blame the guy.

Meanwhile in the background is max cuteness

I’ve even mostly forgiven Jack for the fact that he’s a slob that never helps out

Russet; Worry not. I will create a potion that will make a cleaning robot and a new mommy

Good luck with that

The following day Rosie’s having a fencing match with the kitchen tools

AKA baking a cake.

Because it’s birthday time! WOO! Make a wish, Rosie

Rosie; Hmmm.. I wish kids were never invented

Doesn’t quite work like that

It sucks to get old, eh?

Btw, that was the only guy showing up to the party. Although she only had two others to pick lol. At least the guy seem excited enough

She didn’t really have anything to worry about. She looks exactly the same

Rosie; Still a sexbeast – booty and all

Oh yea, I keep forgetting to have her work out -.-

Russet was napping the whole time and seeing how it’s an ISBI.. I can’t even make him participate. Jack, for that matter, was sleeping too. Nothing but family support around here

But don’t worry; we have practical strangers to take care of our babies

2 hours later..

Jack; So.. what’s going on around here?


You’re tardy for the pardy. (+2 for reference)

Your wife passed out. Such a party animal

Next time; Will baby Fallon grow up? Will there be more sibling cuteness? Will there finally be another promotion? Will Rosie’s booty become smaller?

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Chapter 5; Oh my gosh – we have a baby

Hi –  I’m excited about Rosie’s marriage to Jack and not to mention: we have a baby in the house! Jack’s not been the most helpful guy around the house and considering how I constantly have to badger Rosie to do anything at all around the house, I’m really hoping that it will change soon. One can only hope.

And this was pretty much Rosie’s reaction to baby Russet after putting him down. She’s really not feeling this whole baby thing but oh well. It’s kind of important.

The baby’s been pretty quiet and only crying when he’s been really hungry or needing a new diaper, so she’s been able to paint a lot.

Rosie; pretty quiet? That thing is waking me up all night long

Lies. He’s not.

With the extra money I was able to upgrade their bed so that she’ll need even less sleep to be rested and ready for painting/cooking/cleaning/working/baby feeding etc etc. She’s been one busy lady ever since Jack moved in. You’d think he has the slob trait *snicker*

With the hopes of getting him to do something more productive than staring at the trash can all day long I also spent some money on exercise equipment. It actually worked and within an hour it had lured him in.

Rosie; Don’t mind me. I’m just going to stand here and stare at your abs

Not sure where her glasses came from but oh well. Random things seems to be happening around this lady so I should probably just go with the flow.

As soon as Jack was done working out, he was back outside where he spent some time with the trash can and also playing with his phone. Sigh.

Also I have no clue where that outfit came from seeing how I didn’t pick any of it

With the ISBI challenge I can control the non-torch holder one time per age stage so because I’m actually desperately wanting him to do something helpful, I send him off to do some computer stuff so that he can get a promotion.

Meanwhile the house is slowly falling apart again and especially now with baby Russet taking up some of Rosie’s time too.

Rosie; Err, privacy much? Get out!

Jack however doesn’t seem bothered by the grime and has no issue trying to get clean while slime seem to be dripping from the walls.

Rosie; Want some lunch, babe?

Appetizing, Rosie, appetizing

In the middle of the night, after an evening of working out and hanging out with the trash can, Jack woke up. Smelly and disorientated by the ruckus in the room.

Jack; Is that a car alarm?

No.. there’s not any cars in Sims 4.

Jack; .. What?

It’s the baby. Remember?? The neglected child of yours?!

Rosie’s not forgotten at all

Rosie; I am desperately trying to though!

Just take care of it ;/ We don’t need social services here

Jack decides to take care of things, although in the way that I need him to. Making out while the infant is screaming. Parents of the year right there.

So with the fear in my heart about having our first born taken away, I force her to take care of Russet.

Rosie; *mutter* “Our” infant. You can actually keep all of him to yourself.

So I’m thinking that perhaps Jack has just simply overlooked the fact that he has a son? I mean c’mon on. He’s family oriented.

Rosie; This is your kid, babe. Now take care of him so that I don’t have to

I love the show off baby command. Hopefully that will do the trick

Rosie; you know.. there’s couples of there who’s love to adopt a baby. Maybe even buy one

No. Just no.

Jack actually left the house and walked across the street. Where he stood the rest of the night. … What? It’s too late to get out now, man.

Next morning it’s sparkle time – which means we get to take a close look at Russet xD

He looks so much like his mom that it’s almost scary. I just don’t need him to pick up her personality. The world does not need another Rosie. Which means, time to dig out the randomizer and cross my fingers in the process

And we got Active & Whiz kid. Terrific! Not so sure how I’ll be able to make it happen but hey, as long as we can keep up with homework and grades I should consider myself lucky.

Russet; I picked my own clothes and combed my own hair too.

Why yes you did. They suit you pretty well so you can keep them too. Now where are you off to?

Oh.. Well. I didn’t think you were that tired. I’d hurry up and get a bed. Then again, this is pretty cute. And scary considering how Rosie feels about kids.

But mostly cute ❤

So I make sure to get a bed and some kind of toy for Russet. After all it is his birthday. No walls though.. we only got $102 left. So now this room serves as a bedroom/computer/art/workout room. Oh and hallway too.


So I keep a careful eye on Russet to find out what kind of family member he will be and I get pretty excited when he actually puts away his own dishes. So far he’s the only one who will do it after eating. Such a good boy

Russet; Can I be your favorite?

Well considering you’re the only child.. sure!

Although a moment later after checking in on Jack, this is what I find ;/

Really, Russet? Really?

Russet; Yo Dino. You took my color. MY color. And I just happen to think it looks so much better on me.

Rosie; Ugh. What’s wrong with the kid?

Yeah I wonder..

So Rosie goes to grab some cereal and decides to sit on Russet’s bed rather than using the new kitchen table, meh.

Russet; Wow mom. Can I have some sparkling cereal too?

Rosie; Sure, sure.. in the kitchen, kid. Stay there too so I don’t lose my appetite

Check out her facial expression. She actually gets tense and even angry from whenever Russet is talking to her

Rosie; Oh my god, why is he not going away?

He wants someone to talk to? He needs someone to talk to?

Rosie; Well I didn’t volunteer did I?

Be nice! Take him to the park then. Must be someone for the poor kid to hang out with there

So off they go and the first thing Russet does is running over to this guy.

Russet; Hey, are you my dad?

Random stranger; Uhmm.. I don’t think so?

Russet; Well I haven’t met my dad yet, so I was hoping

Your dad’s at home. Talking to the trash can. We’ll find him later

So I get Russet over to the playground and he seems to really like it. Eventually some kids show up too so he is having a pretty good time and I finally feel better about my poor sim child ;/

Meanwhile on the other side of the park..

Hot pants chick; I’m just going to stand here and look delicious.

Rosie; Oh well, I don’t mind having audience while I beat grandma here in chess.

Well I don’t think she’s an elder..

What’s up with all the women and the hairstyles?

Rosie; I’m surrounded by freaks. Including the guy with the miss matched eye brows

Boys and girls, this is what happens when you smoke cigs since toddler years.

Rosie; Oh my God – now there’s a kid here too. Sod off, kid.

Speaking of which, perhaps you should check in on your own. Before you start picking on this one, that is.

Rosie; Fine. This crew is boring anyway.

Uh oh.. why the sad face?

Russet; Nobody loves me. Or feeds me. At least I found this left over hamburger

But I love you, Russet :[

Now sit your butt down here, Rosie, and talk to your kid

Rosie; Uh so.. left over food, eh? Kinda disgusting

Russet; I want you to make me cookies, mom

Rosie; Do I look like your personal baker?

We go home because Russet’s being upset and Rosie’s mean and we find Jack sleeping in Russet’s bed. It was as they never left the house.

The next day Jack goes to work and get a promotion thanks to the forced study on the computer. Woo! I still feel bad for Russet so I buy him this. Hopefully it will keep him busy enough not to dwell over his mom’s terrible parenting skills. That and work on his aspiration.

Russet; I’m gonna be strong and buff like dad so that mom can love me too

.. that’s just sad

Monday rolls around and Russet has his first day at school. I’m excited! Although I wasn’t expecting this kind of expression on his face when he got home. At least he’s doing his homework?

This whole not being able to control him or his dad is starting to get to me and especially since all Rosie wants to do when he’s around is becoming angry. So I make her bake a cake and he has a slice but seriously.. look at his face

Dad changes his clothes and comes for some cake too and it’s as if he suddenly sees Russet for the first time because he stops to talk to him. FINALLY

Jack; So son.. You’re kinda stinky there. If you’re going to be tall, dark and handsome like me you kind of need to shower. The whole dark part is obviously out the window, but still. Shower, boy. Shower.

They continue to chat and by the time Russet’s done with the cake he feels all better and then the hug.

The hug! ❤

Suddenly I forgive Jack for being such a lazy bum around the house. Or the countless of hours with the trash can. And even the way he failed to notice he had a newborn.

And in the middle of the excitement over Jack and Russet spending the next couple of days together talking to each other, I almost forgot to show off this. Baby!

Rosie; My life is over

Russet doesn’t seem to mind his mom’s even more gloomy mood. He has his dad. And fish and chips. Life is good.

Russet; And ketchup. Don’t forget the ketchup.

Russet; Mom? Want some ketchup?


Rosie; Get the hell out, kid!

Timing is perfect, Rus.



Next time: Will there be a new son or perhaps a daughter? Will Russet be jealous? Will the baby love him? (please) Will Jack spend more time with Russet? (double please). I’m not even going to mention the wallpaper.

I give up.

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Chapter 4; We’re lookin’ fine

Welcome back to Rosie’s story and her desperate attempts to get hooked up with someone.   I’m already enjoying playing through my last update because I had to start over three times. My laptop sucks major time and kept crashing!  I wasted 4 hours. Oh well.

Anyhow, Rosie proposed to Jack and he said yes. WOO! So I decided to jump on the train before he changed his mind and decided to do it the right away. With a planned event. Cake. Friends even though she has none. $1000? Wtf? We are broker than a church rat and couldn’t afford it. Good times.

Oh well, I’ll stick her in some formal stuff and send her to the park so that the scenery can at least be semi decent.

I think it’s the first time where I don’t think that formal clothes look great on my Sims.

You’re a sad sight, Rosie ;/

Rosie; Hey you picked this

You look like Nancy Landgraab. ’nuff said

Jack showed up in his undies. No shock there. But we’re still not complaining

Rosie; Really? That’s it? That’s the ring I get?

Jack; But you get me and my abs to admire as well

Rosie; Yea’ I guess. Even though it looks like some neon glowing toy thing coming from a kids quarter machine

Like he said, you get his abs. That’s all we need.

And just like that, Jack moved in, bringing absolutely no money with him. THANKS FOR NOTHING, JACK. Except from abs that is.

Rosie; Off to honeymoon – woot woot!

Yeah can’t afford that. (Not to mention there’s no EP for that – buu) Time to go home and make some babies!

Rosie; Yea, neh. I think I’ll just play a game of chess. By myself. In the dark.

Jack actually left without her. I didn’t even know he could do that. Jerk. 4 hours later she’s had enough and decides to head home where a man’s actually waiting for her.

Jack; I was waiting for you. Time to get laid, baby

Rosie; I don’t think so buckaroo. Too tired.

Living in a dream relationship already. Plus I want babies, Rosie!

Rosie; Does it look like I have a face that cares?

So Jack does what any rejected man do; The dishes.

Jack; All while lookin’ fine. Don’t forget to add that.

Sure, as soon as you add a pair of pants.

Jack gets a makeover which consists of.. well clothes. Still looking smug as hell.

Looking closer at Jack it shows that he’s family oriented (poor guy), cheerful and a music lover. Although his aspiration is computer whiz. What gives?

Jack; I just like playing monopoly. That’s all.

… except there’s no monopoly on the computer. Moving on

.. to the point where the sink breaks.

Jack; What the hell? My shoes are getting wet!

Then fix the sink?

But no. He’d rather go hang out with the trash can and play games. Makes sense.

He also doesn’t sleep all night. Instead he finally finds his way back inside

Jack; The shit’s still leaking

Yeah it tends to do that until someone will FIX it dammit

Jack; Well I’m too good looking to do that. My clothes might get wet

This chick stood outside the house for a long ass time to stare at Jack.

Jack; Can you blame her?

And while Jack stayed home doing nothing, Rosie went to work and got a promotion.

Rosie; And an outfit that looks like a shot from before a makeover edition

But now we can pay our bills!

So she works, does the dishes, cooks the food, scrubs the counter. And Jack? He naps.

And when he’s awake he watch her work. While eating the food she cooked earlier. Alright, Jack. That’s it. Time to get you a job.

Jack; Like a model

No. You’ll work with computers. That’s where the cash is and that’s your aspiration.

Picking jobs is the only action I can freely do in this challenge.

Although he’s also talented in other areas.

Rosie; he’s slippin’ me some tongue

And that’s apparently not all that he’s been slipping her. There will be babies!

Rosie; Don’t sound so fucking excited

But we are, we are. And there shall be more. I predict it.

Rosie; You are dead to me.

A day later a very pregnant Rosie is still running the ship on her own because Jack is helpful like that when all hell breaks out.

Flooding sink + electric appliances = Oh shit.

Except Rosie doesn’t really seem to worry and goes back to cooking. Meanwhile I’m worried because the puddle is almost reaching her by now.

This challenge could be over before it’s really started. Terrific ;/

I’d have the maid come clean the house, because I’m nice like that, and spared Rosie but we’re too broke. So she’ll have to do it instead.

Rosie; Yeah thanks a lot. You’re even deader to me.

Don’t think ‘deader’ is a proper word. But she survives. THANK GOD

So the next day after the two of them brings back money from working – and I sell stuff from Rosie’s promotion – I reward her with a new kitchen. With nice appliances that won’t blow up in her face. I hope.

Rosie; This orange color is making my eyes bleed.

Derp. It’s your favorite color

Being pregnant sucks for Rosie. Not only is she always tired from the pregnancy itself but also from working and doing all of the chores on her own.

Although the napping doesn’t slow down her eating any and she keep waking up from it to eat all of the time. She’s also not half bad at cooking at this time.

Jack; It’s you and me, trash can.

Sure, spend hours with that thing rather than paying attention to your wife and dirty house. Or play on the computer which is the one thing you need for promotion.

Rosie; Oh god! My baby hates the fried eggs I made.

Yeah that or going into labor. It’s what happens when you don’t read preggo books.

She carried on for hours on end – while Jack just sleeps.

Rosie; Take me to the hospital!

I don’t know how, woman. This is the first baby I’ve seen in the game, okay?

Rosie; Maybe you need to read some books too, eh?

But finally the baby’s here. YAY. It’s a boy and he’ll be named Russet. I decided to name all of the kids after various shades of colors that is not super commonly heard of.

Rosie; It’s pink, squishy and ugly. What do I do with it?!?

Err, raise it? Love it?

Rosie; Fat chance

Jack; Zzz Zzzz zZ



And just like that we have a husband AND baby in the house. Happy dance. Plus a promotion to boot. Next chapter; will Rosie shape up and stop hating children now that she has a child of her own? Will Jack actually do shit around the house? And wallpaper – what about the dang wallpaper?

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Chapter 3; Being bad feels so good

Hello! So last time we saw Rosie running around town to stalk chat up as many men as possible. I had more or less given up on her abilities to actually find someone she could be half civil with until we saw Jack on the lawn. In his underwear. So anyway! On with Chapter 3.

Joy and happiness. Rosie’s eating something besides the endless salads!

Rosie; Hooray mustard and all

She actually looks happy while eating for once lol.

Well hurry up and eat. We need to get Jack over here so that you lovebirds can get it on

Rosie; err what?

Nothing, nothing.

And sure enough, Jack was there in a matter of seconds.

In his underwear

But that’s OK! Because we don’t mind checking out Jack’s pixelated self


Jack; Yo fridge, how’s it going?

Seriously he was standing like that for a long time and all while talking. Weird

Rosie; So…. you’re supposed to pay attention to me dammit

Jack; Oh yea.. well, check me out, baby. You can have all of this

Be a good girl Rosie and say yes please ;D

Or that works too

Jack; Witch craft!

Hey all is fair in love and war, Jack

And it pays off.. look at the love birds ^^

Not sure if it was too much action for Jack, but he took off right after. Oh well.. as long as he comes back?

So instead I sent Rosie off to the art gallery because we’re always piss broke and in serious need of getting a promotion

Where Rosie went on a rampage as soon as she entered. First thing she wanted to do was go mock this chick. I think she might be the one from the gym earlier

Rosie; Your painting looks like shit lol lol

Lady in pink; Pardon me?

Rosie; Shit. Like in crap, dirt, shit, shite, poop, turd, fecal matter, sto-

Alright alright, we get the picture. Seriously, Rosie

Rodolfo came over and decided to facepalm. Not sure if it’s because Rosie’s apparently dumped him and moved on or the fact she never answers when he calls, or if it’s because of her colorful language.

Either way, I feel your pain Rodolfo and faceplants along with you

Rosie; Alright, alright. Let’s shake hands and make up *snicker, snicker*


Rosie; It feels gooood to be baaad. We should do this more often

Le Sigh.

Rosie; Anyho! Take a hike and bring the ugly painting with you so that I can show how it’s really done

(Rosie’s feeling confident atm.)

I guess she didn’t take the hint so Rosie kept on pestering her. Honestly the lady in pink seem not to mind at all. Funny enough this kid did.

Kid in ugly vest; You should be nice, lady! My mom said it’s not respectful to talk mean to people like that

Rosie; Well your mom’s a loser, so..

Hate children trait much?

Run boy, run. While you still can.

Rosie; Yea! What she said. Not sure who ‘she’ is but bugger off!

Lady in pink; I’m happy no matter what. It must be my permanently frozen botox face

Rosie; Good times, boss. We need to come back tomorrow

Yeah.. no. I think we’re good

So I had her do something productive instead now that the poor lady and her painting’s gone.

Rosie; I want to make a flirty painting

Umm.. okay. You’re feeling flirty after all of that?

Rosie; Yep

This is what she painted… makes no sense, but okay. Rosie generally makes no sense so we’re all good

We headed home and because she needs to research art stuff to get a promotion, I had to sell her couch and bookcase stuff so that I could afford the cheapest computer ever.

Because that’s how we roll.

Rosie; Might as well do a little web flirting while I’m at it

Or you could call Jack?

We invited him over. Yay. In his underwear still. Oh well.. still not complaining

There was some serious flirting. Rosie put her best moves on and actually didn’t throw a fit the entire time. Miracles do happen after all

Jack was invited to stay but instead of snuggling in the bed with Rosie, he decided to clean the house. Looks promising for a future husband xD

So I got Rosie’s lazy bum out of bed again so that she can continue to woo Jack. And woo she does.

Rosie; Will you be my love lump, my cook, my maid, my doctor, my driver?

Jack; Well.. I’m kinda family oriented. Will there be children too

Rosie; Hell no. Sure, sure thing

Jack; So shiny… okay let’s do this!


And to celebrate Rosie went to eat, made a mess and went to bed. Jack cleaned it up.

Jack; I’m still THE man though

And just because they continued to be sugary cute all next day.. let’s throw in one of these too. Again – WE HAVE A MAN, WOO! Don’t scare him away.



Will the wedding bells ring? Will there be a promotion? Will we have wallpaper?! Stay tuned to find out

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Chapter 2; Slap dat

So last time we watched Rosie fail one attempt of guy interaction after another -.- She also got a job as a painter but didn’t improve skills – maybe because she didn’t even work on it to begin with. We took a better look at her new house, which she also made no progress with. All in all – it was a good day for epic fail.

Now onto another fine chapter of Rosie and her attempts of getting people into her house. Because honestly, it wouldn’t be much of an ISBI if not!

I don’t even remember why I took this screenshot.. so moving on.

Funny enough it seemed as if everyone on her street was in a shitty mood today

Random dude: It’s depressing to walk up and down this street three times in a row

Then don’t?

Random dude: But I want to be featured in the blog

Not really sure what Rosie’s mood was about.. then again I never am. More often than not is she acting all lamed out when she’s actually doing okay. I swear she has a hidden moody trait in her.

Today it could possible be because I actually made her do dishes. Looking at this stuff stinking up the place two days in a row obviously doesn’t bug her but it’s getting on my nerves. So we dropped going out before work to do some cleaning up. Oh the sacrifices that we make.

Rosie: We? Don’t you mean me?

Yes, yes I do mean you.

So when she came home from work still in a crap mood and because there’s no dishes to torture her with – I sent her out for some fun in the sun!

It doesn’t take more than a cactus with a drink and a cheap hat to convince us to go drinking

So we order a drink and a split second later.. look who decided to crash the spot next to Rosie? It’s the first dude that she ran into once she made the leap from TS3!

Cowboy guy: So what have you been up to lately?

Rosie; *ignore*

I didn’t really have to consider forcing her to forgive and forget in order to talk to a guy because another few seconds lately we had more guys joining.

Including Where’s Wally!

Honestly if I didn’t know better I’d think the other dude was a vampire with the looks and skin color he has. Guess not.

And woo! The men keep on coming

Rosie; My milkshake brings all the boys to my yard

This guy keep hanging out behind her – although not talking to her – during the next few drinks she has while talking to Wally so I figure, hey why not? They’d make babies with awesome golden hair!

So I send our heroine over to chat him up, which they both seem pretty happy about. Perhaps this is it – please let this be it!

They actually hit it off and are having a good time until this dude decides to crash the party. The guy with the blonde hair – his name is Rodolfo btw! I actually caught a name – takes off and leaves Rosie with this guy.

Purple jacket guy; Let’s go home to my lair and we can make purdy babies there!

Rosie; I rather stab myself in the eyeball with a fork.

Me too.. so let’s find Rodolfo instead

He had gone to watch TV and Rosie decided to go sit in a corner. wtf?

Nobody puts baby in the corner

And purple jacket guy followed and picked a seat on the actual couch. Nice.

And like 20 Sim minutes later they all left.. except for Wally. At this point Rosie has moved closer to have a chat and things are going fine until he suddenly gets up and runs – yes RUNS – away from her. Can’t blame the guy. I’d run too.

Rosie; Stfu. Nobody asked you

And yet I am so delicously in charge

A little rotation of the camera and we see Rodolfo following this chick to the bar. I guess we know now where he’s going tonight and it’s not to Rosie’s place

Meanwhile.. Wally returned. Maybe he ran to the bathroom or something. We will never know. All I know is that at this point Rosie’s sleepy and unhappy and it’s time to take this party animal home

Next morning we are tired and grumpy and in a hurry and no time to make an actual meal before work.

Rosie; Me! You mean me! Not us!

Ah yes, yes. You hurr hurr

Rosie returns. Cheerful as always. Honestly I’m getting tired of these after work photos and probably won’t even bother with them. I think. -.-

Rosie; fine with me

Still in need of a man, I decide to buy a few things with the little money that she’s earned from work. Still too poor for a TV and a couch so we invest in some books instead. No carpet and wallpaper still.

Time to call Romeo aka Rodolfo over!

And in a zap he was here and hanging out seem to be pretty easy for the two

Compliment the guy, Rosie. Make him like you!

Rosie; I love, love, love your hair color baby


And just for that we’ll make Rosie do the dishes. Notice the constant pout whenever her highness has to do tasks that are simply not worthy of her

And we leave poor Rodolfo hanging in the background

But it’s all good because we get them to sit together on the bed to chat. Unfortunately not making out or anything half exciting like that but I guess we’ll take what we can get. Rosie tried a little flirting or rather I made her lol but it didn’t work out too well so I guess we take it slow. Lame.

Rosie; And then I was holding her hand and there was this zap going through me and sud-

:/ Nobody in their sane mind wants to hear that story

And yet they hug it out. All too friendly though

Before she decides to strip down and get into bed. Because we have no personal limitations like that.

The next day is Rosie’s day off and I decide to be a little productive with her. Which means put the man hunt on hold for a bit and head to the museum to do artsy stuff. But first we need to read some books to fix that fun meter so that she doesn’t throw a tantrum like last time.

Which she does anyway even though her meter is green this time. Meh

Yet I manage to get her inside and view the paintings. Yay

Rosie; I can easily make pictures like this

Yeah.. LOL. Let’s find an easel and work on that

Which we did because we’re so poor that Rosie can’t have one at home

Rosie; Again, what’s up with the “we” stuff here?

So she gets going and tbh Rosie, it doesn’t really look like the other painting so far.

Rosie; And again, who asked you? I give this fine piece of art thumbs up!

And because it’s boring to watch her paint I start playing around with the camera and check what I found! Handsome guy 5 O’ clock – which is actual Random Rude from the beginning of this post.

So I have Rosie ditch the painting – I guess we’ll never find out if it was to become a master piece or not – and chase after Mr. Good lookin’ instead

Rosie; Yo! Wait up bro!

And like a true safety officer she decides to not only cut him off, but also jump into the street to talk to him. Save a damsel in distress trick I guess?

She is putting her best side forth.. and hopefully not telling that dreaded story this time – but he doesn’t seem too impressed and to make matter worse, here’s sweater guy.

Meanwhile I have actually been reading the forums about that whole small eyes glitch and I’m pretty bumbed out about it. I don’t want Rosie’s sons to look like genetic freaks. I’ve planted some gallery men in here but honestly this one’s too cute to miss. Even if he’s suffering from an EA glitch meh

What’s up with people walking right in between herself and Sims that I have her talking to?

Sweater guy; Hum di dum, don’t mind me people

Kinda hard when you get in the middle of the camera, eh?

(Check out the expression of Hot Stuff in the back. *sigh*)

I don’t know what happened but suddenly things went like they always do..

Rosie; I’m tired of trying so hard with this jackass!

Fine. I can hardly disagree there. But he’s soooo cute bah

Anyho, remember how I said earlier that I planted some gallery men after learning about that eye/jaw glitch because I don’t want freak of nature babies? I sent whatsherface down the street to see if I could find one after not meeting them at any public place and check it out!

I spy a Jack. In his underwear. That’s kinda weird for being outside, but oh well. It allows us to admire his abs even more ;]

And he has plenty of ’em!

Jack; So if you want to, you can touch them. Every.last.of.them

Rosie; Ohhhh that’s what mama likes to hear

Jack; this is why all your other Sim men have been flops. You’ve been waiting for the best. ME in case you didn’t get it, herr herr.

We got it Captain Obvious

Rosie got it too. And real bad. She’s really, really into him and only shows flirty expressions and puts the moves on him. YAY! At last there’s hope

And look how charming she can be when she wants to be.

Rosie; Slap dat ass

Jack; that’s what I’m talkin’ about

But then suddenly when shit got steamy she just took off and left Jack in the dust. Wtf?

To pass out on the bench across the street. I knew she was tired but really? You’d at least think she’d want to go home. Poor Jack -.- On the upside though she had these cute dreamy bubbles about him while sleeping.


Next time! Will Rosie finally get a promotion? Will she burn her budding relationship with Jack (please don’t!!), will the Sweater guy and Cowboy dude make another return? Will there be furniture?! Stay tuned to find out

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Chapter 1; Another one bites the dust

Alright so here we are again with the lovely Rosie. Last time we saw her make the transition to her new home which apparently made her really hungry. So off we go to break in the fridge for the very first time in our very sparse kitchen/livingroom/bedroom/studio space.

Rosie; Shh


Rosie; I’m trying to pick the best tomato slices

Oh well.. err, go ahead I suppose?

Seriously, she was standing like that for 40 minutes before being done staring at them

Finally she started chopping although a few seconds later..

Rosie; dammit dammit dammit owww oww

Not that anyone’s being overly dramatic at all. Perhaps not playing with sharp knives should be extended to include Rosie and not only little kids

Moving on from bleeding fingers to sticking them in her ear..

And for some crazy, gross and Rosie-like reason she actually eats it :/

Rosie; It tastes delish

Earwax dressing much? Good thing you don’t have a man to cook for (yet)

Speaking of man.. since it’s not too late yet (and I did have Rosie sign up for a job sometime between getting home and eating I think) we still have time to go hunt for one

We didn’t have to go far. In fact, there was one right outside of her window.

Rosie; Sup good lookin’?

Poor guy didn’t even get a word in before Rosie jumped the gun. Not even a hello or handwave.

Rosie; I got a GREAT story for you! This one day I met a lady who was all dress-

No and no and no! We’re not going down that crazy route again. One time was enough

Rosie; Fine! Jerk.

Grey sweater guy; Uhmm?

Aw c’mon. Don’t turn this into a failure before he even gets the chance to say hi :[

Rosie’s a pretty Sim but her body language and temper (and she’s not even supposedly hot headed!) can make it tricky for her to interact with someone. Not to mention hooking up with some poor sucker.

But amazingly enough, he doesn’t seem to mind at all. Perhaps a keeper?

Rosie; Well duh, of course he doesn’t mind me. You like what you see, don’t you sugar-bear? *coos at sweater guy*

So far he hasn’t really said a word. Which is funny because Rosie’s been interacting plenty with him. The strong, silent type perhaps?

And so it continues. Rosie rambles on and he stands there looking content.

Until this random lady walks in – got to love her sense of fashion

Not sure if it’s because he’s kind of dim and he finally laughs at the jokes she’s been telling all evening – or because he thinks it’s awesome that Rosie’s pretty much grabbing her boob.. but finally Sweater guy decides to laugh along.

Sweater guy finally got his groove on and wasn’t even slowed down by the second random person to cram between them. Not so sure how successful he is when it comes to seductive facial expressions but hey, we’ll take it.

Pizza guy; *grumbles* Delivery on foot sucks. Next time I’ll spit in your pepperoni

I didn’t even know you could run into pizza delivery people. If not for Sweater guy (I really need to take notice of people’s name here) I’d have her strike up a conversation with the pizza guy.

Finally people manage to stay out their way and we’re ready for some sweet romance.

Sweater guy; It’s just you and me, baby

But for some reason Rosie was not feeling it anymore. Damn.

Rosie; Time to go home I think. Bye!

Wait, let’s stick around a little longer. Maybe we can get you two back on track again

Rosie; Still not really feeling it

Well I do and unfortunately for you, I’m the one with the mouse and keyboard, so..

Rosie; The what and what?

Never mind

Sweater guy; So anyway. I live down the road somewhere and I can hang out with you like totally all of the time. Whenever really. Just call me. I’ll be here. Any time. Any day.

Rosie; Yea… don’t think so.

*sigh* Fine. No matter how much I try to keep these two chatting, she’s shut down.

So I give up and send her to bed. She looks so sweet while she’s asleep. Who would have known?

She gets up, runs through the morning routine and then off to work we go! I had her sign up to work as a painter and even though she doesn’t look too happy about it, her traits will do well with the career. And it will bring some much needed $$$

She’s actually in a pretty good mood when she gets home – yay!

Rosie; I’ll be rich in no time!

Yeah.. well, let’s start on working on a promotion first. Which means hitting the art museum so that you can go check out some art work.

The happiness didn’t last long. As soon as we arrived she decided that all of the sudden she wasn’t having enough fun.

Just watch the stupid sculpture, Rosie

Rosie; Blerrrh, no

Do it

Rosie; Can’t make me

Sadly.. I can’t. I keep on clicking view it but she’s refusing

Please, please, please.. Just go inside. Take a look at a painting or two and we can go to the park or something fun?

Rosie; Not really feeling it

She looks constipated really, and not as if she’s lacking entertainment lol.

So I force her inside anyway – because I’m nice like that.

Rosie stands there for quite a while and at first I’m thinking that it worked but then I realize that it drops from queue and she just zones out. Meh.

Rosie; Can’t make me open my eyes if I don’t want to


I decide to take her to the gym and see if I can make her feel less tense

Pigtail chick; Check it out. I’m soooo much stronger than you

Rosie managed to ignore pigtail chick and work out long enough to finally get up and find some music to dance to. Apparently her dance skills are as lacking as her athletic skills are lol

Do note the guy in back though

I actually didn’t notice him in the background when I took the photos. Suddenly he was just joining the dancing. Look how buff he is!

Muscleman; (again I need to write down names) Check it out, ladies. They don’t call me Muscles McMuffin for no reason

Woo! I’m feeling excited, Rosie looks excited – Muscle McMuffin is going strong too and all is well until..

Pigtail chick butts in. Agh!

Pigtail chick; You know you want some of this hot stuff

And before McMuffin has the chance to respond –

The chick busts into some push ups. Seriously?

So you can only imagine how happy I was when he didn’t even react to her but instead Rosie started chatting with him.

McMuffin; You’re a really cool chick

Rosie; I know, right?

Match made in heaven right there

But what can this be? Do I see trouble on the horizon?

Blondie; I have arrived. Now everyone can start admiring me

Rosie; So, what do you think? Want to head back to my place, McMuffin?

Unfortunately McMuffin has gone silent..

Blondie; Well duh. He’s checking out my boobs. Any man falls silent around me and my sisters, you know. They’re all natural too. Wanna touch?

Err.. no

This is getting weird so we will move along here

Rosie; Damn right we will. I’m leaving. You can have this jackass to yourself. Hmph.

McMuffin is becoming more and more steamy for each minute. Unfortunately it’s for all the wrong reasons

So Rosie makes it home. Her mood is just as bad as it was before she went to the gym. She made no progress at the art museum. Didn’t work on skills or clean the house. Both encounters with potential guys went to shit and in the end? Well in the end I guess we’re 160ish simoleons richer for going to work and that’s about it.


What will happen in next chapter? Will Rosie be able to work towards her promotion? Will she actually make a painting of her own? Will she meet a new guy? Will she avoid making a completely disaster out of it? Stay tuned to find out!


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So this is Rosie from Sims 3. She is from Gen.10 in an old Prettacy and will be the founder for my ISBI Sims 4 challenge. Sims 4 you say? Yes, yes. That means we will have to give her a little lift from one world to another.

Hey Rosie, whatca doing?

Rosie; *ignore. Stares out the window*


Rosie; *ignores some more*

Right.. so what’s the staring about?

Rosie; If you must know.. I’m bored.

Bored? Well.. do something fun?

Rosie; Like? I’m bored of being home looking after kids. Watching my lame husband’s back. Tending to a garden from some old ancestor.

Well.. I might have something just for you then? It’s kinda crazy but unless you’re scared..

Rosie; Scared? Pfft, brave and courageous and awesome is my middle name.

Right.. and modest is not one of them I see.

Rosie; So what are we waiting for?

We have to wait until tomorrow. It’s kind of late and there’s someone I want you to meet tomorrow.

Rosie; *sigh* Fine. I guess I can spend one more evening staring at the tapestry.

So early next morning before the kids were awake Rosie left them..

Rosie; Not a loss

Really, Rosie? You sound like your great-great-great-etc-grandmother. Sheesh.

Anyway.. back to the narrating.

And before Rosie’s “so called” lame husb-

Rosie; Not so called. He’s an asshat.  For real.

*sigh* Fine. No narrating. On to the next part then.

So here we are. Nice ride, Rosie.

Rosie; So we’re meeting someone at the graveyard? Cause that’s not creepy at all.

I thought you weren’t scared?

Rosie; Zip it. I’m not.

Okay then..

Here we are. This is the lady in question.

Rosie; A zombie?

Gray lady; I heard that! Not come closer, child.

Gray lady; *eyes up and down* S’pouse this one will do.

Rosie; Say what?

Gray lady; Well you’re not exactly what I was hoping for, but I guess this is the best I get

Rosie; Yea.. well this was fun. Time to leave I think.

No, no. You have to take her. She’s perfect, I promise!

Rosie; So is anyone going to tell me what’s going on. If not I will leave for sure.

Gray lady; Well I’m looking for someone to do a little.. research on with.

Rosie; Research? Do I get money? A castle? A pony?

Gray lady; No no, it’s much better than that! You will be the first person known to this realm to do this. You will be FAMOUS!

Rosie; Sweet. Where do I sign up?

See.. I told you she’s dumb enough perfect.

Gray lady; First, this is for you. Don’t open it yet though.

Rosie; Yay pressies. I like this already.

Gray lady; Now, take my hand

Rosie; At least you bought me a gift first

*Facepalm* You make me so proud oh great torch holder of mine

Gray lady; *weird-magic-spell-tossing* Have fun on the other side

Rosie; Wait, what? Other side? Am I dying?!

Gray lady; No *chuckle* My spells are always safe. 100 percent accuracy.

Gray lady; At least on most days

Right.. so anyway..

And voila – just like that the lovely Rosie has arrived in Sims 4

Rosie; What is this place? It’s awful flowery for dead people

Well, you’re not dead.. so..

Rosie; So where am I?

In another realm. New life, new beginning. Exciting adventures and all that!

Rosie; Great – and who asked me?

You kind of volunteered, remember? Tired of the kids, husband. The grey lady. Ringing a bell?

Rosie; You’re not helpful at all. Fine, I’ll figure it out myself. With this phone that appeared out of nowhere.

So who are you calling? You don’t exactly know anyone here lol

Rosie; psh.. So I’ll just run out of here


And how did that work for you?

Rosie; What the hell? Where am I?

Already told you. New beginning, new place etc.

Rosie; Whatever. I’ll figure it out on my own then.

Rosie; Look what I found

A guy.. No surprise there

Rosie; Oh hoy stud muffin!

Stud muffin; Hello there purdy lady. What can I do you for?

Don’t even go there

Rosie; Well I’m wondering if you can tell me where I’m at?

Stud muffin: Err, what? Did you get lost in the caves?

Rosie; Something like that

Stud muffin; Have no fear! I shall rescue you darlin’

Rosie; Great! You have no idea what I’ve been through. There was this witch zombie lady and a spell and then suddenly I was zapped from a different world befo-

You do realize that you sound like some crazy person?

Rosie; Shut up. I’m telling the story here

Stud muffin; ..What?

Creepy old dude incoming

Rosie; Oooh more people to admire me

Or to put you in a straight jacket..

Creepy old dude; *stare, stare*

Okay.. moving along here

Rosie; So anyway, like I was saying. It was like I was falling and then I saw this water and glowing stuff and the voice told me that I’m in another world.

Stud muffin; Eh.. So do you take some kind of medication? Did you not bring any when you got lost?

Rosie; Medication? Hey listen here, dude. I just need some help. I’m not crazy dammit

Stud muffin; Relax, relax. I’ll help you. I’m sure there’s some hospital nearby. You can tell the nice doctors about the other world and all that great stuff

Rosie; Hey I am not crazy, you imbecile. Now get me out of here before I kick your ass

Stud muffin; Oh no you didn’t! Go wash that filthy mouth of yours.

Great. Go pick fights with the first person you meet

Rosie; I’ll teach you  a lesson. With this random cup of stuff that I produced out from thin air.

Stud muffin; Aw c’mon. I just bought these clothes.

Although.. just as she was about to toss whatever liquid’s inside the cup..

Rosie; Err?

Stud muffin; lol. Empty

Or not.. Gross stuff

Time to move along. Find that present and open it

So she opened up the present, which had a key, which lead to this lot

Rosie; Oh yay. My new castle, wealth and pony!

Not quite. More like an unfinished house that lacks not only furniture but finished walls, doors and whatnot lol

Rosie; this is NOT what I signed up for

Well technically you didn’t really sign anything

And here we go. The inside is equally sad and barren

Rosie; Really? And what exactly is it that you expect me to do with this shitty place?

You’re supposed to be nice and sweet and find a guy and have kids and jump start things.

Rosie; Yeah, no thanks. Already did that once.

Did I mention that Rosie, just like her grand-grand something-mother, has the dislike/hate kids trait?


What will happen in episode 1? Will Rosie get furniture? Is there a pony in her backyard? Will there be more people to diagnose her as insane? Tune back in for more.

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