So this is Rosie from Sims 3. She is from Gen.10 in an old Prettacy and will be the founder for my ISBI Sims 4 challenge. Sims 4 you say? Yes, yes. That means we will have to give her a little lift from one world to another.

Hey Rosie, whatca doing?

Rosie; *ignore. Stares out the window*


Rosie; *ignores some more*

Right.. so what’s the staring about?

Rosie; If you must know.. I’m bored.

Bored? Well.. do something fun?

Rosie; Like? I’m bored of being home looking after kids. Watching my lame husband’s back. Tending to a garden from some old ancestor.

Well.. I might have something just for you then? It’s kinda crazy but unless you’re scared..

Rosie; Scared? Pfft, brave and courageous and awesome is my middle name.

Right.. and modest is not one of them I see.

Rosie; So what are we waiting for?

We have to wait until tomorrow. It’s kind of late and there’s someone I want you to meet tomorrow.

Rosie; *sigh* Fine. I guess I can spend one more evening staring at the tapestry.

So early next morning before the kids were awake Rosie left them..

Rosie; Not a loss

Really, Rosie? You sound like your great-great-great-etc-grandmother. Sheesh.

Anyway.. back to the narrating.

And before Rosie’s “so called” lame husb-

Rosie; Not so called. He’s an asshat.  For real.

*sigh* Fine. No narrating. On to the next part then.

So here we are. Nice ride, Rosie.

Rosie; So we’re meeting someone at the graveyard? Cause that’s not creepy at all.

I thought you weren’t scared?

Rosie; Zip it. I’m not.

Okay then..

Here we are. This is the lady in question.

Rosie; A zombie?

Gray lady; I heard that! Not come closer, child.

Gray lady; *eyes up and down* S’pouse this one will do.

Rosie; Say what?

Gray lady; Well you’re not exactly what I was hoping for, but I guess this is the best I get

Rosie; Yea.. well this was fun. Time to leave I think.

No, no. You have to take her. She’s perfect, I promise!

Rosie; So is anyone going to tell me what’s going on. If not I will leave for sure.

Gray lady; Well I’m looking for someone to do a little.. research on with.

Rosie; Research? Do I get money? A castle? A pony?

Gray lady; No no, it’s much better than that! You will be the first person known to this realm to do this. You will be FAMOUS!

Rosie; Sweet. Where do I sign up?

See.. I told you she’s dumb enough perfect.

Gray lady; First, this is for you. Don’t open it yet though.

Rosie; Yay pressies. I like this already.

Gray lady; Now, take my hand

Rosie; At least you bought me a gift first

*Facepalm* You make me so proud oh great torch holder of mine

Gray lady; *weird-magic-spell-tossing* Have fun on the other side

Rosie; Wait, what? Other side? Am I dying?!

Gray lady; No *chuckle* My spells are always safe. 100 percent accuracy.

Gray lady; At least on most days

Right.. so anyway..

And voila – just like that the lovely Rosie has arrived in Sims 4

Rosie; What is this place? It’s awful flowery for dead people

Well, you’re not dead.. so..

Rosie; So where am I?

In another realm. New life, new beginning. Exciting adventures and all that!

Rosie; Great – and who asked me?

You kind of volunteered, remember? Tired of the kids, husband. The grey lady. Ringing a bell?

Rosie; You’re not helpful at all. Fine, I’ll figure it out myself. With this phone that appeared out of nowhere.

So who are you calling? You don’t exactly know anyone here lol

Rosie; psh.. So I’ll just run out of here


And how did that work for you?

Rosie; What the hell? Where am I?

Already told you. New beginning, new place etc.

Rosie; Whatever. I’ll figure it out on my own then.

Rosie; Look what I found

A guy.. No surprise there

Rosie; Oh hoy stud muffin!

Stud muffin; Hello there purdy lady. What can I do you for?

Don’t even go there

Rosie; Well I’m wondering if you can tell me where I’m at?

Stud muffin: Err, what? Did you get lost in the caves?

Rosie; Something like that

Stud muffin; Have no fear! I shall rescue you darlin’

Rosie; Great! You have no idea what I’ve been through. There was this witch zombie lady and a spell and then suddenly I was zapped from a different world befo-

You do realize that you sound like some crazy person?

Rosie; Shut up. I’m telling the story here

Stud muffin; ..What?

Creepy old dude incoming

Rosie; Oooh more people to admire me

Or to put you in a straight jacket..

Creepy old dude; *stare, stare*

Okay.. moving along here

Rosie; So anyway, like I was saying. It was like I was falling and then I saw this water and glowing stuff and the voice told me that I’m in another world.

Stud muffin; Eh.. So do you take some kind of medication? Did you not bring any when you got lost?

Rosie; Medication? Hey listen here, dude. I just need some help. I’m not crazy dammit

Stud muffin; Relax, relax. I’ll help you. I’m sure there’s some hospital nearby. You can tell the nice doctors about the other world and all that great stuff

Rosie; Hey I am not crazy, you imbecile. Now get me out of here before I kick your ass

Stud muffin; Oh no you didn’t! Go wash that filthy mouth of yours.

Great. Go pick fights with the first person you meet

Rosie; I’ll teach you  a lesson. With this random cup of stuff that I produced out from thin air.

Stud muffin; Aw c’mon. I just bought these clothes.

Although.. just as she was about to toss whatever liquid’s inside the cup..

Rosie; Err?

Stud muffin; lol. Empty

Or not.. Gross stuff

Time to move along. Find that present and open it

So she opened up the present, which had a key, which lead to this lot

Rosie; Oh yay. My new castle, wealth and pony!

Not quite. More like an unfinished house that lacks not only furniture but finished walls, doors and whatnot lol

Rosie; this is NOT what I signed up for

Well technically you didn’t really sign anything

And here we go. The inside is equally sad and barren

Rosie; Really? And what exactly is it that you expect me to do with this shitty place?

You’re supposed to be nice and sweet and find a guy and have kids and jump start things.

Rosie; Yeah, no thanks. Already did that once.

Did I mention that Rosie, just like her grand-grand something-mother, has the dislike/hate kids trait?


What will happen in episode 1? Will Rosie get furniture? Is there a pony in her backyard? Will there be more people to diagnose her as insane? Tune back in for more.

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